The Best Pre-Screening Questions For Software Developers

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4 min readFeb 11, 2022

There are many things to take into account when putting together pre-screening questions for software developers. This first interview can determine the outcome of the entire vetting process and is a key step to assess a candidate’s skills and work ethic. Of course, the nature of the pre-screening always depends on the position and industry the candidate is applying to. Now that the IT industry is experiencing accelerated growth, finding qualified software engineers is becoming a lengthy venture. That’s why we’re here to make this process easier for you and your company with our ultimate guide to pre-screening interview questions for software developers. Keep reading to learn how to conduct a pre-screening interview to start building a LATAM team of IT professionals!

The best pre-screening questions for software developers and IT professionals

Work experience & career prospects questions:

These pre-screening interview questions for software developers are essential when assessing the previous experience of a coding candidate. You should be familiar with a candidate’s previous experience and academic achievements to properly analyze a developer’s profile and ability to fulfill the position.

How do your studies/technical background help you perform your duties as an IT professional?

What were your responsibilities at your most recent job?

How many coding languages have you worked with?

What are your goals for further professional development?

What was the most rewarding IT project you’ve worked on so far?

Work ethic/style pre-screening questions for software developers:

There’s more to a candidate’s overall fit for a position and company than their qualifications and past experience. Their work ethic/style is equally important! Pre-screening interview questions for software engineers corresponding to this section can include inquiries about her preferred work environment, management style, and typical work schedule. It’s always useful to learn what they’re looking for career-wise and how they’d like their new position to boost their skills.

What type of work environment helps you work better?

Do you prefer working on your own or are you more of a team player?

Walk us through your typical workday.

How do you prefer to be managed?

What are you looking for in a job?

Interview questions for software development candidates about responsibilities and their organization skills:

Software developers need to have excellent organizational skills in order to produce clean and cohesive code. Their time management abilities will also impact the pace at which they complete projects for your company, so you should make them at least one question about this topic during a pre-screening interview.

What software development process do you use the most?

How do you plan and prioritize your different projects? Do you have experience working on multiple projects at once?

How can you apply your existing skills and knowledge to this position?

What roles did you have to fulfill at the previous post that you think will be useful for this position?

What tools or technology do you use to manage projects and stay organized?

“Why this company” pre-screening interview questions for software developers:

We couldn’t create a guide to pre-screening interview questions for software developers and not include inquiries about the candidate is applying to your particular company. These questions will help you determine whether or not the candidate is a good fit for your company culture and if they’re motivated enough to join your team.

What drew you to this particular position?

How familiar are you with our company and our products/services?

Have you applied anywhere else?

Why do you want to work for us instead of our competition?

What excites you the most about joining our team as an IT professional?

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At Next Idea Tech, we have developed a signature technical vetting process to hire remote developers from all around the world. Our holistic procedure assesses the software development candidate’s potential in different areas of expertise, not just code writing and testing. We gather our best pre-screening interview questions for software developers too, ensuring their first interview with us is a pleasant and productive meeting. Then we move on to the business English proficiency interview and the final live coding assessment. This process has helped us vet hundreds of candidates for our clients, culminating in successful long-term coding solutions for their businesses. Contact us today to learn how you too can hire top nearshore developers the easy way!



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